You’r not your Work

Last week I wrote about: How to recognize if your overidentifying with your work.
This time it’s about the practice that follows..

Knowing that you’r not your work and therefore not overidentifying with it.

Our head is filled with ideas, concepts of ourselves
and knowledge that can feel like property.
We constructed an idea of who we want to be and who we think we are.

In many ways this can be a source of helpful orientation and motivation -
but when we overidentify with our work we are
using our selfimposed construct against ourselves.

Knowing that you’r not your Work ultimately boils down to
knowing that you are not your Thoughts.

There is a still Awareness behind ones thoughts –
it is what’s noticing the thoughts
and It can’t be altered by outward circumstances.

In Meditation one intentionally gets in touch with this still Awareness.
When we quiet our thoughts – we quiet the ideas and concepts
we hold for ourselves.

The Stillness that follows contains an infinity of possibilities and potential.
We are not longer limited by our believe
and therefore freed of the anxiety that comes with it.

Meditation can be seen as a practice in letting go of identification with Thought
and therefore a practice in letting go of what we think our work is or should be.
- Clearing our Vision to what is.

To Conclude:  for not overidentifying with your work
my main Tip is (once again :))
to learn and practice Meditation on a daily basis.

For more Information visit my Overview Page on Meditation.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!
Or if you have other techniques that help you to not overidentify with your work?
I’d love to here from you in Comments!

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