What Demanding-Movies and Meditation have in common

I used to work at a Videothek.
Something I would often hear when recommending a Movie was:
I rather not – That Movie is going to be too demanding

Meditation is a practice of focusing the Mind.
This might sound like something kind of strikt that you would force upon yourself.
But the way I learned to meditate is: that it should be done with ease.

Its simple. Seat yourself, close your eyes
and repeat  the mantra (a soundword) in your mind –
when it slips away.. thoughts will come up.
When you notice this, gently remind yourself to come back to the mantra.

A interesting sideeffect of Meditation is:
it helps you notice what your thought patterns are.
Thoughts that seem to automaticly pop up
whenever there is some free space in your mind.
(Mine are mostly about Relationships and ToDoLists..)

When I’m watching a Movie and my thought patterns very frequently show up –
it either means: whats being presented is not of interest to me
or I need to refocus in order to have the experience that the Movie can provide.

In todays mainstream Cinema (Media) we get bombarded
with imagery, sound, special effects..
We almost can’t help but have our thoughts and senses be taken by it.
We are being entertained.

So called Demanding-Movies can bring up thought patterns.
Because they work in more subtle ways when it comes to style and story telling,
they do not just take over your focus and attention, they demand it.

Its not intellectual. It just takes a gentle reminder to shift your focus
and a good Movie won’t need more than that
to provide you with the experience it has to give.

In our sensory overloaded day to day life -
trough Meditation and Demanding-Movies
we get to practice what we choose to give our Focus and Attention too.

Tell me about a Movie that demanded your Attention?
What was your Experience from it?
I’d love to hear from you in the Comment below.

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One Response to What Demanding-Movies and Meditation have in common

  1. Attila von Arx says:

    Having some experience with meditation, and a lot with “demanding” films or Theater Plays, I can say it feels very different to me. Being part of the Audience puts me into a hypnotic state (if it is a good piece or flick), whereas in Meditation I feel very much awake.
    One could say it is passive vs. active awareness.

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