Are you overidentifying with your work?

I would tell myself that I wasn’t someone who overidentified with the work they do.
When receiving critical or negativ Feedback I would stay calm, not get defensive
and consider it in a constructiv way.

Reacting  emotional and defensive when receiving critical or negativ Feedback
is one way to notice when your overidentifing with your work.

Beginning of last Month I was in a rutt – i felt emotionally  drained
and wasn’t loving the work I had choosen to do.
I was questioning my work process and what it is I should change.

Valid questions. But I felt horribly thinking about them.
As if figuring out that my current approach wasnt working
would somehow mean that I was broken.
That should I fail in my work – my being in my mind would be worth less.

These thoughts where constantly there but would come and go unnoticed –
I was unconscious of them.
The mind works on so many levels
and in speeds that can’t be measured by our experience of time  -
so that we most often only remember the thoughts
that we took the time to articulate to ourselves.

Here’s where the body comes in as a reliable sort of compass –
it always and immediately tells us how we feel about circumstances.
If we feel sick in our tummy about something that we thought was neutral.
Its best to stop, listen inwards and to be honest with ourselves.

We often dont allow us to hear these sabotaging thoughts
because they come from old familiar patterns and feelings -
that we got accustomed to in a different context probably as far ago as childhold.

When for a longer period we feel really bad about our work or workprocess,
when it affects how we feel about ourselves in general –
we are overidentifying with our work.

I just recently admitted this habit to myself.
Recognising the behaviour – getting conscious about it.
Its the first and a very effect thing one can change.

If you’ve notice that you are overidentifying with your work –
try to remember which kind of situations bring this up and how they makes you feel.
So the next time your are in one of these situations or experience a similar feeling –
it will remind you to get conscious about your thoughts
and to stop identifying with the things you say to yourselve that put you down.

Being grounded in : Knowing that your are not your work
- is the simple key.
A topic that I will write to you in more detail next week.

Have you ever overidentified with your work?
What kind of situation brought it up ?
Write to me in the Comments.
I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Jane Miloradovich says:

    Josephine..your thoughts always give me pause to think and reflect and are always so a warm, soft breeze- a much needed and appreciated one. Thank you!

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