The filmkoop wien is a Vienna based non profit public Filmlab
that provides the space and the instruments to develop, work on and project 8mm, 16mm & 35mm Filmmaterial by yourself.

I’ts a a place for frequent Screenings, Discussions, Workshops and Collaboration.

Together with seven of my former classmates from the friedl kubelka film school, I cofounded the filmkoop wien in 2008.
Through a puplic interest from schools, art universities and a lot of people generally enthusiastic about
being hands on with filmmaterial – the filmkoop wien’s Memberscount has quadrupled since then and it continues to grow.

More detailed Information and Updates on Events at

Excerpt about the filmkoop wien from Film Unframed :

…Here (at the friedl kubelka film school) a whole new generation
is flourishing underground, unrelentingly practicing filmmaking
and holding on to Super8, 16mm and hand processed film,
firmly believing in its irreplaceability.
In the meantime former students have merged into the filmkoop wien,
which has its own production studio housing editing tables,
a Crass animation stand, darkroom, screening space, etc.
This also seems to be a necessity of each generation –
the creation of its own infrastructure to meet its specific needs.
And groups like this allow us to see into the future of Austrian avant-garde:
It will not only be digital, it will not only be analog – it will have many faces.
(Peter Tscherkassky)